【Dinosaur EP】帶來前所未有的電音風暴。

【Dinosaur EP】是VINEM的首張單曲,收錄四首VINEM的得意之作。




VINEM is mostly known for his exposure on “OOC", one of the biggest EDM media in Eastern Asia. EDM has always been his passion, especially Bass Music. He often sneaks information about Bass Music into his content on the “OOCtv" program series.
“I’ve always wanted to make something different,” says VINEM, “The playground doesn’t need another ordinary kid that creates regular stuffs.” VINEM drops a bomb by releasing his first EP – “Dinosaur EP”.

“Dinosaur EP” is a package full of VINEM’s hard work, as well as his vision. Kicking off the EP, is the hit song “Floating Dinosaur” (obviously), a compact Dubstep track with Trap drops merged into it. The song sets at a scenario that involves “a big dinosaur floating like 100 meters in the air,” which is totally normal, totally. The song also shows how VINEM was influenced by American Brostep, as well as Trap, which got insanely popular in recent years.

The second track, “Deformed Diving”, is more experimental. The song uses a more dynamic approach. A fat in-your-face bass runs through the drop, while the breakdown contains softer plucks. Just like the speech sample used in the song: “Those who appeal to you to hold on to the past, do so at the cost of denying you your future.”

In the middle of the EP, VINEM goes towards progressive house. As mentioned, VINEM is almost the face of the EDM media, OOC, so VINEM decided to make a more “regular” EDM track, to please the fans. He teamed up with the Taiwanese-Belgian singer, Skye, to produce “Close Your Eyes”, a progressive house track with VINEM’s signature sound. The lyrics deliver a positive message, combined with uplifting beat and synth.

“Empty House” sits at the very end of the EP. Instead of making another club banger, VINEM shaped “Empty House” in a chilling factor, making it a “Liquid Drumstep” song. The track has a relatively longer length, contains elegant sounds and a sad atmosphere, leaving the audience with a huge space of imagination.