Love You No More EP

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「不再愛你」 是對 VINEM 的另一首歌—「空蕩的房」的回應。比起快樂的結局, VINEM 選擇走不一樣的路線。「我相信在真實生活中,如果一個人決定離開另一個人,一定是經過深思熟慮後下定的重大決心。此時絕對不會再回頭。」
由現居台北的加拿大饒舌歌手「阿龍 Dallas Waldo」與香港歌手 Olga Chung 獻聲合作,這首歌融合了優美的 Melodic Dubstep 與沈重的 Trap 曲風,體現出不再回頭的決心,故名「不再愛你」。


“Love You No More” is a respond to VINEM’s previous song “Empty House”. Instead of a happy ending, VINEM went for a different route. “I believe, in real life, if a person decides to leave one another, the time for contemplation is over, it must have been some serious consideration. There will be no turning back.”
Featuring Canadian rapper Dallas Waldo and Hong Kong singer Olga Chung, the song combines a Melodic Dubstep verse with a heavy Trap drop, expresses the determination of never going back, hence the name “Love You No More”.