Jingson Records 電音

A Hong Kong x Taiwan Electric Dance Music Label
Founded by IZZI & fine Entertainment  in 2016

香港 x 台灣最新電音廠牌

【 有精臣,我們就精神 】    >>>>Artist/DJ

With offices and studios active in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China, Jingson Records is an Asia-based electronic music label affiliated to fine Entertainment.

The Chinese word is a homophonic word in Cantonese which means energy, and clearly divines that Jingson Records is a label in the East. But we also strike for quality and creativity in music. The knob-like logo stands for limitless possibilities with vacancies in the circle to be filled up in a, say, “dynamic” way.

Founded by producer Haize Yuen (IZZI) and Jacky Fung (JFung) in mid-2016, Jingson Records is setting up the new standard of modern electronic music in Asia, assisting young and talented DJ producers to publish and promote their music in the coolest way, so they can have their own mainstage someday.

With decades of involvement from fine Entertainment in the Asian music scene, it definitely provides the best offline and online connections and opportunities for the artists. Knowing the fact that electronic music is becoming a mainstream style of music in Asia, Jingson Records will always be leading the crowd and listeners, providing them the trendiest and greatest electronic music, not only the ears, but the whole sensory experience.